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Whether working in the office, from home or on the road or while trying to relax over a weekend, holiday or vacation, attorneys must always stay on top of their matters, which starts with timely identifying, preserving, and making sense out of their clients’ data. This job is no longer the exclusive province of general commercial litigators, who traditionally were expected to handle myriad internal and external investigations and civil and criminal legal proceedings. Today, law firms are more specialized, which means clients can choose individual subject matter experts to assist on their unique privacy, compliance, regulatory, and cyber matters. ​ Niche legal subject matter expertise, however, does not guarantee broader technology aptitude. Most attorneys did not go to law school to become technology “geeks;” yet, per ABA rules and comments, they must keep current on “the benefits and risks [of] relevant technology.” That means attorneys must spend significant (non-billable) time advancing their own technical know-how or delegate, manage and measure the results of that ongoing responsibility to their practice support teams. But law firm clients deserve more: every attorney who handles vital client information should be just as familiar with best-of-class data management and discovery solutions as they are their underlying substantive legal domain. BRITE solves this lawyer-legal technology deficit in three fundamental ways:​

1. BRITE’s software is easy to access and use.  If attorneys know how to use Excel, email, file shares (like SharePoint), Word memos, team meetings, and calendars to identify, capture, track and manage their client data, levering BRITE’s single center of truth, they can now automatically and efficiently track and measure those same activities within and across all matters, including those hosted in third party platforms (like Relativity).  Best of all, lawyers can access and use BRITE on their PCs, tablets or smart phones!

2. Law firms use BRITE to manage the mountains of data they create for themselves and their clients.  Whether the firm itself is a party in suit, conducting its own internal investigation, or responding to a third-party subpoena seeking client information, lawyers can rest easy knowing that all data, matter workstreams and user activities are captured, tracked, secure, and accessible 24/7 in a single system of record and truth.  

3. Law firm clients who use BRITE for their own internal organizational data and discovery management needs can safely grant outside counsel access to those early matters and data sets.  Even if the firm itself still manages data preservation, early case assessment and discovery the old-fashioned way (via emails, Excel, etc.), outside attorneys can still lever BRITE to satisfy their ABA professional technology obligations and dazzle their clients.


For Practice Support and Paralegals

Those in the know, know practice support professionals (including IT) and paralegals are the essential workers when it comes to managing law firm and client data.  But as the size of law firms and clients grow on a linear scale, relevant data types, volumes, and locations explode exponentially—as does the seemingly endless array of technology and service provider options available to assist.  Most of those “choices,” however, provide little choice at all.  Most third-party data discovery solutions demand that client data is copied and transferred from behind the firewall before they can support any initial assessment, filtering, or review.  As a result, “over-collection” is SOP (stale operating procedure) for most firms and third-party providers… What’s worse, because law firms tend to bill by the hour and third-party providers charge by the GB, they have little real incentive to identify, quantify, and eliminate these supposed “unavoidable processes inefficiencies.”

BRITE puts law firm practice support in the driver’s seat, with the power and real-time dashboard feedback necessary to get their clients’ data and matters to the checkered flag first.  When practice support needs to work with a company’s IT, OGC, HR, or other business units to identify, preserve, early case assess, and even more fully review client data in its original source locations behind the client’s firewall, BRITE is up to the task.  When attorneys or clients want to know, on-the-fly, the status of each legal hold, data collection or matter review, BRITE provides real-time answers with the click of a button.  And perhaps best of all, because BRITE does not charge by the GB or hour to access its system or move data, practice support teams are encouraged to use BRITE as much as they like, without any financial penalty, which delights law firm partners and their end clients.

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