The first application-agnostic workflow tool that maps, counts, and tracks sought-after data from inside the enterprise through 3rd party processing and review platforms… and back again.​


eDCaseMAN’s flexible workflow engine manages and tracks data across all phases of the Electronic Discovery Reference Model. eDCaseMAN can adapt to any third party eDiscovery environment, whether deployed on-premise, on a SaaS-based platform or in a private “cloud.”


Built on top of the bedrock principle that “you can’t produce what you haven’t preserved,” eDCaseMAN ensures that potentially responsive data for any client or project —no matter how large or small —is found fast, held no longer than required, and accurately understood before turning over to high-priced lawyers and 3rd party data processors and hosters … saving significant dollars on wasteful and unnecessary review.


eDCaseMAN scales with your organization’s growth and data needs. Whether operating out of single office with only occasional data management needs or across many global offices facing mountains of data challenges, eDCaseMAN will rise to any challenge. BRITE also offers upgrades to clients who seek even more advanced capabilities—such as index and search within their own network platforms (e.g., Office 365 and File Share), without having to move any data from where it lives and especially outside the client’s firewall.


eDCaseMAN can be deployed to customers on-premise, as a SaaS-based or in a private cloud (e.g., in AWS, Azure). With a simple virtual file approach, eDCaseMAN can quickly and seamlessly accommodate nearly any network configuration, ensuring that you can continue to work as you like, the BRITE way!


eDCaseMAN is also available as part of our channel partners broader “managed service” offerings, enabling customers to integrate BRITE’s end-to-end solution into pre-existing workflows, leveraging eDCaseMAN as the new Center of Truth for all data and project management needs. Together, eDCaseMAN and a robust 3rd party managed services program greatly reduce business and legal risk, increase data controls and efficiency, and slash the usual runaway costs of most eDiscovery matters.​


BRITE’s business mission is to reduce the total cost of discovery by offering much lower and predictable cost structures than otherwise available. For a base license fee, starting as low as $60,000 per year, enterprises and law firms can use BRITE for all their pre-legal (e.g., HR, Audit, Privacy) and legal needs (i.e., formal litigation, criminal investigations, government inquiries) without constraint, while wringing out significant traditional law firm and provider inefficiencies and costs.​


eDCaseMAN auto-flags, tracks, and even prevents potential migration of data across country borders to align with your company’s restrictions and local and international privacy laws and rules. BRITE’s visual data maps light up any risky data movement before it can occur, reducing the risk of legal sanctions, business embarrassment, and financial penalties.


eDCaseMAN provides real-time chain-of-custody reporting within or across custodians or matters safely from behind the firewall. Customers can track everything that happens with the data after it is transferred beyond the firewall to third party providers and law firms, then tagged and turned over or withheld from productions, and repurpose prior tagged and tracked data in subsequent matters, ensuring consistent document judgment calls and significantly reducing the cost of re-reviewing prior-tagged files.


BRITE provides a central way to track, trace, and monitor all running legal cases/matters in real time. Specifically designed to enhance the overview for lawyers. Our dashboards eliminate unnecessary phone calls and email conversations

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