For General Counsel

Companies and their inside counsel bear virtually all of the burden, risks, and costs of identifying, preserving, collecting, processing, reviewing, producing, and presenting critical business information for stakeholders. Rather than trust outside counsel or third-party providers—who know little about client data frameworks and are rarely held to account for spoliation of client data —to conjure up one-off schemes for each individual matter, they trust BRITE’s intuitive software for their toughest challenges.   BRITE provides comprehensive, transparent, repeatable, and efficient data discovery monitoring and management. A simple click provides the answers to clients’ most crucial questions about their data and matter status, without having to resort or respond to “fire drills.”


For Human Resources

Most employee HR complaints never morph into full-fledged litigation, but those that do can cause companies serious legal headaches, massive financial penalties, and permanent brand damage.  The law is clear —companies must preserve all relevant information upon “reasonable anticipation of litigation,” which, in theory, could apply to countless simmering HR issues. The constant challenge HR faces is predicting which of the many “minor” matters will blow up and become full-on legal disputes and which will wither on the vine.    


For Information Technology

“Like oil and water.” That’s how IT and legal professionals often describe their working relationship even though they are the two main ingredients in any palatable data discovery and management recipe.  Whether due to different skills sets, business priorities, or perceived status within an organization, IT and Legal teams often do not speak the same language, want to understand, or even fully respect one another.  BRITE helps bridge that key organizational gap with its intuitive software that identifies, preserves, and tracks the data, and makes data discovery and management an enjoyable and measurable joint exercise.    With BRITE’s solutions, Legal, IT, and other authorized teams can easily collaborate to identify, preserve, and examine their target data sets before deciding to transfer any of it to outside counsel or third-party providers.  Better still, IT, Legal and other client stakeholders can incorporate, refine, and control their own unique legacy data management processes and real-time reporting using BRITE’s on-premise, SaaS, or private cloud platforms. IT teams can now rest easy knowing that no matter where its data lives, what form it takes, or the number of different data sources or stores, BRITE will help find, access, and make sense of it all… efficiently and with confidence.  


For Governance, Risk, and Compliance

Over the past decade, companies have invested huge sums building their GRC teams, programs, and capabilities yet robust technology investment to support those efforts often lags. The numbers don’t lie… according to published reports, on average, U.S. businesses spend $10,000 per employee per year on compliance! Worldwide, companies spend an average, whopping $5.5M each on GRC each year.  Unless companies get BRITE, those costs will continue to soar, especially given the recent:

• Adoption of GDPR in Europe demanding much better line of sight to data access and movement at the risk of sanctions for failure to comply

• Increase in judicial rulings restricting access and movement of data around the world,

• Passage of the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), which,  like GDPR, requires heightened protection of personal information or else risk of serious financial penalty

• Closer U.S. federal government scrutiny into how big tech handles personally identifiable information (PII), personal health information (PHI) and personal credit information (PCI).

In a world with heightened restrictions on how data is used, BRITE offers a defensible method of data gathering. We reduce the need to over collect or preserve data, allowing for targeted and informed data study before collection actions are necessary.  

BRITE helps companies identify, stop and reverse runaway GRC spending train in two key ways:

BRITE can be deployed and licensed at a fraction of the cost of leading competitor offerings, even though, paradoxically, BRITE’s solutions are more robust, reliable, and repurposable.  With BRITE, GRC spends less but receives much more, including auto-flagging and denial of data movement that otherwise would violate a source country’s privacy laws before it ever happens.

Because BRITE clients get to choose directly to control their user data—behind the firewall—they no longer need to retain expensive consultants or law firms, who bill by the hour, or technology providers, who charge by volume (i.e., every GB they take or receive), to assist in internal investigations, deploy one-off technology tools, or copy and transfer massive client data sets to their own data centers and labs for hosting and further analysis.  GRC teams are best-understand their company’s own compliance obligations, operations, policies, and personnel, and thus are best-positioned to conduct their own informal inquiries, formal investigations, and document reviews at a fraction of the cost of outsourcing.


For Audit

Traditionally, company Audit teams have lagged their Legal and IT peers when it comes to getting the technology budgets necessary to do the job.  Instead, Audit is often relegated to using the limited search functions available in standard office software suites (like MS Office 365 or Google Workspace); enterprise content management (ECM) systems (like OpenText) , or records and information management (RIM) systems (like Confluence); email archives (like Mimecast) or even traditional eDiscovery tools (like Relativity) to conduct their intense inquiries and reviews—even though none of them were designed specifically for Audit practices.  What’s more frustrating, even if Audit figures out how to lever its standard office suite platforms to find its various target structured and unstructured data sets, those platforms were designed for the limited purpose of preserving and sometimes classifying information, but without any project workflows, cross-matter management, or cost measurement and containment capabilities.  

BRITE’s solutions, however, are specifically designed and deployed with Audit in mind.  Full chain-of-custody for every user file; real-time tracking of data, tagging, and auto-flagging of apparent duplicate network users and/or users in countries with harsh privacy and data migration laws; intelligent identification of missing users; and instant status and progress reports are just a few of the powerful, standard features that BRITE extends to every Audit customer.   Unlike Legal, because Audit rarely gets “whatever resources it takes” to win a matter, BRITE prices its solutions up to 70% lower than the competition, including leading eDiscovery solutions.  What’s more, BRITE’s subscription pricing can be allocated and tracked across business units based on actual use, radically reducing the already-low subscription fees for any one individual team.

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